Prescription Information

If you take medication regularly for a well controlled condition and have a monthly repeat prescription, you may have your prescription issued without seeing the doctor, within certain time limits.

Non-urgent advice:

Please note that it takes 3 working days to process the prescription and send to your usual pharmacy, the pharmacy will also require time to dispense the medication

How do I order a repeat prescription?

  • Online
    You can order your repeat medication online by registering with the NHS App  and using the online prescription service.
  • In Person
    Attached to your paper prescription is a list of your usual medication. When you need a further prescription this acts as your re-order form which should be posted in our prescription letterbox.
  • Digital Front Door
    You can now order repeat medication via our digital front door Patient Appointment Booker Danebridge Medical Practice (
  • Email
    We accept prescription requests via email direct to:  [email protected]
    Please can you add your name, DOB, address, contact number and the items required. It will take 3 working days to process your request.
  • Letter
    If you post us your re-order form it will be ready for collection from the surgery after 3 working days. If you require it to be returned to you, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

Important Information – Repeat Prescriptions

Non-urgent advice:

Please note that requests for repeat prescriptions CAN NOT be taken over the telephone (too many potential mistakes).

We only issue repeat prescriptions for one month at a time.

How Your Pharmacy Can Help

Pharmacists are experts in medicines who can help you with minor health concerns. Find out how your Pharmacy can help you.