About Us

Danebridge Medical Practice offers a wide ranges of facilities to a very high standard. We have two branch surgeries providing a local service for patients in Sandiway and Kingsmead. Our practice philosophy is to work together as a team to promote health as well as treating illness, and we believe that as a practice we offer a comprehensive, extensive medical service to our patients.

Our Mission statement: “To provide the best healthcare we can for our patient population by applying best practice at every level, clinical and non-clinical, to ensure the best outcomes for all. We value patient involvement, we encourage on going staff development and we have an active doctors’ education programme to ensure we are continuing to strive towards current best practice.”

 Our Values:




Quality of care

Patients come first in everything we do. We fully involve patients, colleagues, families, carers, communities and professionals inside and outside of the NHS.

Everyone Counts

We recognise that our success is inevitably tied to others and our performance as a team will define us. We look to successfully partner with other health professionals to provide the highest quality service.


We ensure that compassion is central to the care we provide; we listen and respond with humanity and kindness to each person’s pain, distress, anxiety or need. We search for the things we can do, however small, to give comfort.


We value every person – whether patient, their families or carers, or team member – as an individual, respect their aspirations and commitments in life, and seek to understand their priorities, needs, abilities and limits.


This is the goal in all our work. We strive to perform at a level that provides innovative, ethical and quality service. We endeavour to continue our own education and to be actively involved in educating future general practitioners.

We are part of the Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group 

Download a copy of our Danebridge Medical Practice Patient Booklet