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Having listened to patient feedback and in keeping with recent government guidelines, we are updating the Practice website to make it easier for you to access support.  

This update will happen in stages, allowing you time to get used to the new system.

The first stage will give you more access to the pharmacy team. It will allow you to request a prescription 24 hours a day and request urgent medications within the practice working hours. You can also give us detailed information if you are due for a medication or HRT review. This will be available 24 hours a day, and the information will go directly to the pharmacy team, who will sign off on your review if everything is in order or arrange an appointment if needed. You can also tell us if the hospital has advised a medication change or if you have been having problems with your prescription due to a supply issue.

The pharmacy aspect of the new digital front door is now live. Please follow this link  Patient Appointment Booker Danebridge Medical Practice (blinxscheduler.com) to view this.

Over the coming weeks, we will launch other updates; whilst this is happening, you can still use patches as you currently do. The next steps will be;

The ability to book appointments that do not need triaging, such as physiotherapy appointments, smears, vaccinations, regular injections (i.e. B12) and blood tests.

Administrative requests, including Fit (sick) notes, results questions, waiting list questions, and private work requests (e.g., supporting letters or GP medical requests).

Direct access for the care homes will allow them to give us information and request reviews of their residents.

GP appointment requests will be the last update; when this happens, the patches system will be turned off. The partnership team will still triage GP appointment requests; however, the practice has designed the form to be easier to complete than the current triage form, with fewer questions and less repetition. This system will allow us to respond to triage requests with self-book links so you can book your appointment at your convenience.

We are aware that not everyone is able to use the Internet. These patients should call the practice, and the team will help with completing forms or booking appointments.

We will keep you updated with these developments through the website and Facebook.

If you are interested in more details about what is driving the changes to how appointments are accessed, we will soon publish a blog post on this topic.

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