Social Prescribing – In it together


Social Prescribing – In it together

Nicky’s life changed for the better when she met her Social Prescriber. Listen to her story and find out more about how Social Prescribing could

Nicky agreed to see a Social Prescriber as she wanted as much help as she could. Listen to her story and hear the positive impact their support had on her mental and physical #wellbeing.

Referring Nicky to a #SocialPrescriber was the best thing that anyone could have done for her. Listen to her personal story as she describes her journey to positive mental and physical wellbeing

Did you know that you don’t need to see a GP to be referred to a Social Prescriber? The Care Navigator can do this when you ring your GP Practice. Unsure if a Social

Prescriber will help? Listen to Nicky’s story to find out the positive impact Social Prescribing had on her health and wellbeing

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