Do you need to chase an result or request a Fit Note?

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You can now contact our administration team directly from our website at any time. Please follow this link

We are continuing to upgrade the website with the aim to improve access.

The latest step is to allow access to request support from the secretarial team 24 hours a day. This includes requesting information on results, requesting sick notes as well as giving consent for others to access your medical information or requesting updates regarding your position on our waiting list.


You can complete a form requesting an update on your investigation results any time, we can only provide updates on results for investigations requested by the Danebridge team – if you are needing updates on results from the hospital team please contact them directly.

Fit Notes

You can request your Fit Note 24 hours a day, the form will ask you for details of why you need a Fit note as well as the time you need it to start and finish. If you have no had a Fit Note previously then you will need to speak to a member of the clinical team before one can be written, request this by completing a Patch.

Consent for others to access medical records

Sometimes it is useful to give other family members or trusted friends the ability to discuss your health with the practice. The rules are such that unless we have your permission we will not disclose any details regarding your medical records to anyone no directly involved in your care. You can now request and complete a form to sign and give others assess if you feel it would be helpful to you.

Private medical work

Sometime you may need a supporting letter, a form completing, a GP medical or even a copy of your medical records. You can now make these request from the website, it is import to know that these requests are not part of our NHS work and therefore there may be a cost to this work. You can see the practice fees outlined if you follow this link.

Waiting list

We currently have waiting list for these procedures; coil fitting/removal, implant fitting/removal, cryotherapy, Minor surgery and Vasectomy. If you need an update on any of these waiting list please complete the form from the website. We can only provide updates on our own waiting list if you need an update on a hospital waiting list please speak to the hospital team directly.

We hope that you find this update helpful.