Telephone Advice  
Sometimes this can avoid the need for a surgery appointment or a home visit. If you wish to speak to a doctor on the telephone, the Patient Services Co-ordinators will advise you when they are likely to be available. Please do not ask to speak to them at other times as this will mean interrupting someone else’s consultation. If you need urgent advice and your usual doctor is not available, the emergency doctor is available to speak to you.
If you feel your problem is urgent, it is essential that you explain this clearly to the Patient
Services Co-ordinator.

Home Visits
If you are housebound or elderly and too ill to come to the surgery, a doctor will visit you at home. Telephone 01606 544555 before 10.00am, if possible and give the Patient Services Co-ordinator brief details of the illness so that the doctors can plan their visits according to the degree of urgency.
The consulting rooms have better facilities for examination and treatment than are available in your home and it would normally be to your advantage to attend the surgery.
Mothers often worry about bringing babies and children to the surgery when they are unwell. It is usually quite safe to do so and frequently it will mean that your child will receive treatment quicker. If you are concerned that your child has an infectious disease, the Patient Services Co-ordinator can arrange for you to be seen without waiting with other patients.

Emergency Calls – During normal surgery hours telephone 01606 544555

Out of Hours

The out of hours service operates during the evenings, overnight, weekends and bank holidays during the following hours:
Monday to Friday 6.30pm – 8.00am
Weekends from 6.30pm Friday evening until 8.00am Monday morning.
Bank Holidays 24 hours
If you require urgent medical advice or care during these hours, please call 111.

A Phlebotomist is available at Danebridge each day between 8.30am and 12.20pm by appointment, to take blood samples as requested by the doctor.

Smoking Cessation Clinic  
If you would like advice and support to stop smoking, please telephone 0300 777 0033 or visit to arrange an appointment.

Well Person Clinics
As part of our Health Promotion Programme we are pleased to be able to offer health screening checks which are carried out by our practice nurses. This is of particular importance if you have not recently seen your doctor.
Appointments for the well person clinic can be made at reception and are free of charge.

Influenza (flu) Immunisation
Influenza can be a debilitating and serious illness, particularly for the elderly and infirm, so we advise all patients over the age of 65 years and those at risk with conditions that include chronic respiratory disease, chronic kidney disease and diabetes, to be immunised, usually in October.

Vaccination for Foreign Travel
Our nurses will be pleased to advise you which precautions and vaccinations are necessary for your destination, but please allow plenty of time as it can take up to six weeks to complete a full course of vaccinations.

Childhood Immunisation
Immunisation for children is particularly important and clinics are held by the practice nurses. Appointments are sent by post, but if you have any queries please discuss them with your health visitor or doctor.

Child Health Surveillance
Routine child health surveillance is carried out by the doctors in conjunction with the health visitors. You will receive an appointment at the appropriate time.

Disease Management Clinics
The practice nurses provide clinics for patients with hypertension (high blood pressure), asthma, COPD, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and for those who need special advice about their diet and help with losing weight.

Family Planning
We offer a full range of contraceptive services, including the fitting of IUDs (coils) and caps, referral for termination of pregnancy and advice on safer sex.

Cervical Smears 
A computerised system is run by Cheshire Family Health and you will automatically be advised by post when your smear is due. You will be asked to make an appointment at the smear clinics which are held regularly by the practice team.

Cryotherapy and Minor Surgery
We carry out minor surgery clinics both at Danebridge and the Kingsmead surgery. Minor surgery is performed under local anesthetic for a variety of problems, e.g. removal of skin lesions, sebaceous cysts, etc. Vasectomies can be performed at the surgery following consultation with Dr Perry.