Sandiway Surgery Important Information


Sandiway Surgery Important Information

You will undoubtedly be aware of the significant impact which Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having within the UK and across the world.

Your NHS is at the forefront of keeping us all safe during these uncertain times and for that reason we have to ensure that we keep both you and all our colleagues safe. 

We have to be, and will be with you and your families during this national emergency to ensure you are provided with the correct support, clinical advice and treatment.  Each and everyone of us will be touched by Covid-19 in some way, whatever that is we will be there with you. 

To ensure that we can deliver on this promise we have reviewed all of the services which we provide, which initially resulted in most consultations being completed by phone.   

I am sure that you’ll appreciate that Covid-19 has now escalated to something which none of us in our lifetime ever expected to see with a national state of emergency.  It is becoming difficult for us to be able to deliver all of our services, especially as like you, we are human and a number of colleagues and their families have become affected.  We have therefore decided that Sandiway Surgery will close from 1.00pm on Tuesday 24 March 2020 until further notice – we will of course be back, once things have settled.

Should you need to speak to the Surgery for a medical issue, please phone 01606 544 544.  Repeat prescriptions can continue to be posted through our letterbox at Sandiway and will be collected daily.

Stay safe and remember, we are in this together.

Dr Fiona McGregor-Smith
Executive Partner
and Partners
Danebridge Medical Practice

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